handyCite 0.9

handyCite is a word 2007 add-in for management of bibliography
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handyCite - a handy citation manager!
handyCite is a word 2007 add-in for management of bibliography. It is a freeware!

Main Features:

- Handy availability of bibliography database (in taskpane)
- One click opening of citation database linked to Word document
- One click generation of citation database from references included in the document
- Auto linking of citation to Pubmed (based on PMID)
- One click opening of reference from Pubmed
- Auto search, save and link free PDF files for references in database
- Onc click opening of PDF
- Handy comprehenisve citation formatting options (for both in-text and reference list)
- Quick startup
- One click retreival of reference database from documents with EndNote and Reference Manager references
- Conversion of references to EndNote format
- Import reference list from text (including text from PDF files)
- Merge duplicate references

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